Monday, November 19, 2012


So about a year ago we created a Facebook group specifically to help our family, friends and colleagues implement a healthier lifestyle through juicing.  We originally started off with a mere 12 members!!!  Yes...12...and then something magical happened...we started to grow exponentially and we were sooo amazed as we watched the numbers increase from 50 to 100 to 200 and so on!!!  Somewhere around 500 members we decided to venture out and created a Twitter and Instagram account.  Through social media we have been able to grow our little Facebook group to over 730 members and our Instagram and Twitter accounts have yielded us a total of 817 members...which in total is over 1500 members through social media alone!!!  Why are we so amped about these numbers one may ask?!?!?  Well here's the answer...there is something powerful about helping people implement healthier lives by educating them about the nonsense that we are putting into our systems on a daily basis.  Convenience is killing us one person, one family member, one generation at a time.  It absolutely needs to stop!!!

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