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Just some quick info if you are joining our #StraightJuicin 10 Day Juicing Fast:

We are not DOCTORS or NUTRIONISTS...nor do we claim to be.  This is for those whom are interested in juicing and implementing a healthier lifestyle.  If you have medical conditions PLEASE consult with your Doctor to see if it's ok to replace all of your meals with juice or if you will be ok replacing perhaps one or two drinks.  

During this time we will have NOTHING but juice/milkless (dairy-free) smoothies for 10 days straight.

These are just suggestions you can juice to your liking (we actually encourage it).
No sugar
No alcohol
No carbs
No nuts
No peanut butter
No animal products (milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc.) 
No honey 
No added sweeteners, etc.
(Folks have asked us why no honey and/or sweeteners...this is because we don't want you getting in the habit of adding things to your smoothies or juice.  Today it may be honey and tomorrow it may be Ice Cream or Yogurt....just easier not to do it and have raw fruit and veggies)

-DO NOT EAT!!!!!  If you eat you will compromise your digestive system and will have to start the process all over again.  If you eat during your fast you will also encounter severe gas pains.  NO TUMS, GAS-X, etc will cure this...the only cure is TIME! 

-If the consistency isn't to your liking (while blending) feel free to add ORGANIC nectar or ORGANIC juice.  You can also add water or coconut water.

-If a recipe is calling for mainly fruit add TWO HANDFULS of spinach to the recipe!  We don't need sugar levels spiking.

-You should be drinking your juice/blend every 2-3 hours (or water if that's better for you).

-Drink PLENTY of water.  Try to get in at least a gallon or a 1/2 Gallon a day (we really recommend drinking a gallon of water a day...we know it sounds like a lot but your body will thank you for it).

-Take a few days to acquaint yourself with our information (provided all on this website) as well as conduct your own research.  Knowledge is power!!!  Whatever you are unsure of we can assist you and we can provide recommendations BUT fasting in any way, shape or form is VERY personal and we don't want to take that experience from you.  So PUH-LEASE conduct your own research!

-Post pictures of you juicing or produce shopping daily.  This will help the group keep you accountable AND we are actually here to support you so PUH-LEASE let us do so (on Instagram use HashTag #StraightJuicin --no "G" in Juicin or you can post in the StraightJuicin FaceBook Group...this is a "closed" group so you will have to request to join )

The recipes that we have included are recipes that we have grabbed through research.  We hope that you will enjoy them!  Remember these are just recommendations so you don't have to use them.  We actually encourage you to research recipes that work for you.  

Fresh Tropical Juice
1 Kiwi - Peeled
6 Strawberries - Medium
1 Orange or 2 Clementines - Peeled
1/2 Mango - Peeled and Sliced
1 cup Pineapple Chunks - Fresh
1/2 cup Coconut Water - Fresh or Canned

1 cup Strawberries - hulled
1 cup Raspberries
1/2 cup Blackberries
1/2 cup Blueberries
1 Cucumber - whole
1 Tbsp. Agave Nectar

1 Orange or 2 Clementines
3 Strawberries
1 Lemon
2 Large Carrots
1/2 inch Fresh Ginger

Antioxidant Rush
-2 cups whole strawberries, about 8 ounces
-1 cup raspberries
-1cup blueberries
-1/4 lemon, peeled about an ounce
-handful of spinach

Dr. Oz Green Juice
2 cups Spinach
2 cups Cucumber
1 head of Celery
1/2 inch of teaspoon of ginger root
1 bunch parsley
2 Apples
1 Lime
1/2 Lemon

Ginger Jumper
-ginger (about 1/2 inch)

Dr. Oz Pineapple Kale Juice
½ cup pineapple
4 cups chopped kale leaves (no stems)
2 large cucumbers
½ lemon, squeezed
½ cup mint

Yummy Green Drink
½ bunch spinach
2 big kale leaves
¼ cup OJ
1 small banana
1 kiwi

Grapefruit Carrot & Ginger
2 chopped grapefruits (peel and pith removed)
5 chopped carrots
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

Pineapple Papaya
5 sprigs fresh mint
1 pineapple, peeled and cut into pieces
1 medium papaya, peeled and seeded

-1 grapefruit
-2 oranges
-2 apples
-1/2 pineapple
-1 lemon
-handful of spinach

**Each recipe varies from about 8-12 oz depending on the kind of juicer that you have 
( ) **

Read more:

Recommended Reading:
Juicing for Life
351 pages
Format:  Paperback,
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Publish Date: Nov 1991

Recommended Documentaries:
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
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  1. how many ounces do each of these make?

    1. Each recipe varies from about 8-12 oz depending on the kind of juicer that you have
      ( )

  2. Thank you sooooo muchhhh!!!!! All of these sound yum and Im gonna try em all!!! Day THREE LETS GO!!!! :) feeling great!

  3. Thank you for this resource. I shared if with my FBFs.

  4. I don't have a juicer but I see you all mentioned smoothies. Can the recipes above be used as smoothies and serve the same purpose as juicing?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. can blend. We set up the cycles so that they work for juicers and blenders.

      Grabbed from the info outlined above...hope this helps
      -If the consistency isn't to your liking (while blending) feel free to add ORGANIC nectar or ORGANIC juice. You can also add water or coconut water.